Final Provisions


Article 15: Final Provisions

第15条  最后条款




保 留

15.1 Reservations may not be entered in respect of any of the provisions of this Agreement without the consent of the other Members.



审 议

15.2 Each Member shall, promptly after the date on which the WTO Agreement enters into force for it, inform the Committee of measures in existence or taken to ensure the implementation and administration of this Agreement. Any changes of such measures thereafter shall also be notified to the Committee.

15.2 每一成员应在《WTO协定》对其生效之日后,迅速通知委员会已有或已采取的保证本协定实施和管理的措施。此后,此类措施的任何变更也应通知委员会。

15.3 The Committee shall review annually the implementation and operation of this Agreement taking into account the objectives thereof.


15.4 Not later than the end of the third year from the date of entry into force of the WTO Agreement and at the end of each three-year period thereafter, the Committee shall review the operation and implementation of this Agreement, including the provisions relating to transparency, with a view to recommending an adjustment of the rights and obligations of this Agreement where necessary to ensure mutual economic advantage and balance of rights and obligations, without prejudice to the provisions of Article 12. Having regard, inter alia, to the experience gained in the implementation of the Agreement, the Committee shall, where appropriate, submit proposals for amendments to the text of this Agreement to the Council for Trade in Goods.



附  件

15.5 The annexes to this Agreement constitute an integral part thereof.

15.5 本协定的附件构成本协定的组成部分。