Article 14: Consultation and Dispute Settlement

第14条  磋商和争端解决


14.1 Consultations and the settlement of disputes with respect to any matter affecting the operation of this Agreement shall take place under the auspices of the Dispute Settlement Body and shall follow, mutatis mutandis, the provisions of Articles XXII and XXIII of GATT 1994, as elaborated and applied by the Dispute Settlement Understanding.

14.1就影响本协定运用的任何事项的磋商和争端解决应在争端解决机构的主持下进行,并应遵循由《争端解决谅解》详述和适用的GATT 1994第22条和第23条的规定,但应在细节上作必要修改。

14.2 At the request of a party to a dispute, or at its own initiative, a panel may establish a technical expert group to assist in questions of a technical nature, requiring detailed consideration by experts.


14.3 Technical expert groups shall be governed by the procedures of Annex 2.


14.4 The dispute settlement provisions set out above can be invoked in cases where a Member considers that another Member has not achieved satisfactory results under Articles 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9 and its trade interests are significantly affected. In this respect, such results shall be equivalent to those as if the body in question were a Member.